Homeohealers  was founded by Dr. Deepinder Singh, M.D (Homeopathy) with his zest for making the mankind healthy and deseasefree . His approach and healing touch has impressed one and all, and has made him a very popular Homeopathic practitioner in Anaheim , Santa Fe springs and Beverly hills area.

He has teaching experience of more than 16 years, Dr. Deepinder Singh started his career as a homeopath in 1991 from Punjab ( India ). He worked as an Associate Professor in Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in the Department of  Homeopathic Pharmacology for 16 years. He has written a book on
good health, which was awarded as ‘Best Book’ by Govt. of Punjab. In addition, he has written more than 100 articles related to health, which were published in different journals and news papers in USA and India .

At present, Dr. Singh is one of the most qualified homeopaths of the country, who studied Homeopathy in a regular Homeopathic Schools  for more than 8 years and has experience of training  thousands of students of Homeopathy during his teaching career. Dr. Singh has conducted workshops and seminars for practitioners in California.

  In addition, Dr. Singh has treated nearly hundred thousand patients suffering from different disease conditions over the years. He is considered best when it comes to homeopathic diagnosis and selection of remedy. He is a Doctor with a difference, who has vast experience in treating diseases with HOMEOPATHY, blessed with a midsas healing  touch. Children love to go to him.

His motivation, personal attention and patience  is the  key tool to his being very popular practitioner.

Dr. Singh believes in taking a holistic approach in his treatment. He treats all the health problems  like  Arthritis, Headaches, Flu, Renal Disorders, Skin, Hair fall, Wrinkles, Acne, Sciatica, Tumors, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessions, Allergies, Irritable Bowels, Hemorrhoids, Paralysis, Parkinsonism, Impotency, Infertility, Menstrual Disorders.Other conditions that respond well to homeopathic treatment includes Asthma, Eczema, Tinnitus, Flu, Psoriasis, Pediatric issues  etc. .

He provides you with a better treatment with no side effects.

He has addressed a number of homeopathic scientific seminars in most parts of Punjab and other parts of India as well as abroad.

 His book "Kanchan Kayan"  a book on Good Health, has been conferred The "Best Book Award" by The Language department, The Government  of Punjab  .

In changing times, The Homeohealers recommends Homeopathic medicines, along with Naturopathy, Holistic medicine, Integrative medicine, Alternative medicine,  for healing without side effects.



                                                      e-mail :   homoeohealers@yahoo.com                                      Contact address :       1724 N Concerto Dr.,   Anaheim,   CA  92807